Business Recovery

Business Recovery

Our Recovery Solutions team has significant experience in all aspects of recovery work dealing with both corporate and personal matters. The team will analyze your threats and weaknesses and explain the options available and those suitable to your needs. Upon instruction the team will act promptly, professionally and effectively.

We have developed a large network of business contacts and professional advisers to include bankers, solicitors and accountants. In many instances their professional advice has led to the rescue in whole or in part of ongoing businesses with the protection of employment for members of staff. Their work includes dealing with family run businesses to large companies. Advices can be given dealing with:

Company voluntary arrangements (CVA)

a procedure to enable ‘Recovery Solutions’ to assist with the restructuring of a company or to assist where a company may be encountering cash flow difficulties. This procedure enables the company’s directors to retain their executive powers and continue the business under the supervision of a Supervisor (an Insolvency Practitioner). The CVA procedure will enable creditors to benefit from profits and cash generated from the ongoing trade.

Individual voluntary arrangements

Advising individuals with financial difficulties to benefit from ‘Recovery Solutions’ to avoid bankruptcy which can achieve a better outcome for the individuals and their creditors.

Advice to companies facing financial difficulties

Assisting directors in evaluating and implementing potential solutions to financial difficulties. This includes liaising with stakeholders.


Creditors Voluntary and Winding-up by the Court in respect of insolvent companies.Members’Voluntary in respect of solvent companies, used for taxation and restructuring purposes.


a recovery procedure to enable the rescue of a business in whole or in part as a going concern and to enhance, in most of the case, the outcome for stakeholders.