Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory Service

Our tax advisory services address the needs and objectives of our clients, enabling them to reduce as much as possible their tax liability. Our team of tax specialists help you assess and anticipate opportunities and threats that may impact your tax situation. We assist you in all aspects related to tax planning and compliance. So our services include:

Reviewing annual financial statements for tax issues during the course of the audit;

Preparing and submitting annual tax returns

Preparing income tax computations

Computing and advising on the annual income tax installment payments

Advising on the tax position

Handling Revenue Authority inquiries on clients’ behalf and playing a facilitation and liaison role in the event of revenue audits.

We provide clients with regular updates on changes in tax laws and their impact on business firms, non-business organizations, and individuals.

Tax Health-Checks

These involve reviewing in-house tax operations; PAYE tax, withholding tax, VAT for purposes of ensuring compliance and establishing any possible tax planning opportunities.

Tax pricing

Our advice can tax one of the following form: (1) formulation and preparation of Transfer pricing policies, (2) assistance with implementation of TB policies and making of TB adjustments

Executive and Employee Returns

We handle tax affairs for individuals by preparing and submitting returns for the directors, management, and other employees.

Tax Consultancy and Advisory services

This covers a wide range of services including tax consultancy to assist business decision-making and planning, providing answers to specific tax inquiries, preparing industry or company tax position papers. We also evaluate clients’ tax risks exposure and work closely with the client to establish a prudent tax risk management policy

Audits & Inquiries Advice

We provide advice and guidance in the event of Revenue Authority audits and inquiries reviewing the technical basis of matters raised by the Revenue Authorities; and generally facilitating the process on client’s behalf. We have tax attorneys in our network that assist our clients in courts and tribunals, if we believe that our clients were unfairly taxed.